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What does Your Right to Transfer mean?

The Right to Transfer means that you have a legal right to choose who your landlord is because you know what is best for you, your family and your community.

What is transfer?

This website provides information about Bushbury Hill EMB’s proposal that Wolverhampton City Council should transfer the ownership of the homes on the estate to The Wrekin Housing Trust, with BHEMB retaining the management role.

Your landlord is currently Wolverhampton City Council, transfer means this would change to The Wrekin Housing Trust but Bushbury Hill EMB would continue to manage your home from the Management Centre.

Why transfer?

At present Wolverhampton City Council decides how much money is spent on Bushbury Hill and what this money is spent on. We think that tenants should decide where your rent money is spent and the Right to Transfer gives you this power. The proposed transfer would give you this local control and guaranteed investment.

Who decides?

You decide. This is in two stages, first, over the next few months we will ask you what you want from transfer. This information will be written up in an ‘Offer Document’. This offer will show you in detail what transfer would mean for tenants, tenants homes and the Estate. The second stage is simple, you get to choose by voting, in a secret ballot, whether the transfer should go ahead or not.

If the majority of tenants vote yes and the Secretary of State gives consent, transfer will go ahead. Alternatively, if the majority of tenants who vote, vote no, then a transfer will not take place.